Waterproofing tanks and pipes in sewage systems

1 Stopping active leakages
KOSTER Waterstop
2 Waterproofing sewers
3 Waterproofing masonry
5 Waterproofing shafts
KOSTER Sewer and Shaft Mortar
6 Waterproofing pipe couplings
KOSTER Injection Gel G4
KOSTER Injection Gel S4
7 Crack injection
8 Heavy duty surface protection
KOSTER Sewer and Shaft Mortar

Water treatment facilities like sewage treatment plants, sewers and shafts, or sewage water tanks made from concrete or masonry are exposed to a variety of stresses. The restoration of such facilities entails waterproofing, concrete repair, and concrete protection, as well as protection against acids and abrasion. For this a wide range of materials are used.

KOSTER Waterstop can be used to quickly waterproof small active leakages. The fast setting plug mortar swells slightly and closes the leakage instantly.

Areas with insufficient air circulation like sewer systems develop high concentrations of sulphur dioxide, which leads to the creation of sulphuric acid on the surface of the construction members. Sulphuric acid is very aggressive, especially against concrete. KOSTER NB 1 Grey can be used for waterproofing on the positive and the negative side. KOSTER Silicate Mortar is used for protection against acids. As an alternative, acid resistant tiles can be used which are bonded to the substrate with KOSTER Silicate Adhesive. The jointing is done with KOSTER Silicate Mortar. In this manner, an acid and abrasion resistant surface is achieved.

The standard waterproofing for masonry is KOSTER NB 1 Grey. In case of active leaks, the KOSTER KD System is applied.

For restoring concrete or masonry damaged by acids, the substrate is to be mechanically cleaned until a solid, unburdened substrate is achieved. The substrate is then primed with KOSTER Polysil TG 500. Reprofiling is done with KOSTER Repair Mortar NC. On top of the reprofiling, KOSTER Silicate Mortar is applied as acid protection.

Shafts made from masonry and concrete must also be mechanically cleaned until a solid, unburdened substrate is achieved. Reprofiling and levelling is done with KOSTER Sewer and Shaft Mortar, which has been especially developed for this field of application. It bonds very well to damp substrates, can be applied easily and sets quickly. KOSTER Sewer and Shaft Mortar can to a certain degree even be applied under flowing water.

Pipe connections are often a source of leaks in sewer systems. Retroactive waterproofing is sometimes difficult due to significant water pressure from the inside and the outside. KOSTER KB-Pur Gel is an ideal injection material for such cases. Together with the mix water and the surrounding soil, it forms an elastic waterproofing layer around the leakage so that pipe connections or defective pipes can be sealed quickly and permanently.

Elastic waterproofing of cracks is achieved with KOSTER KB-Pur 2 IN 1. The material is injected in two steps: First to stop the water from flowing, and second to close the crack elastically and permanently. In case of strong water ingress, KOSTER KB-Pur IN 1 is used due to its faster reaction time. In order to seal the crack permanently, the same crack must be injected with the elastic resin KOSTER KB-Pur 2 afterwards.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines.



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