External basement waterproofing with cold self-adhesive waterproofing membranes

2 Preparing wall/floor junction
3 Installing fillets
KOSTER Repair Mortar Plus
5 Waterproofing layer
7 Waterproofing membrane ending
KOSTER KBE Liquid Film

Fast, clean, and easy: Exterior basement waterproofing with KOSTER KSK cold applied, self adhesive waterproofing membranes. No drying time, instantly watertight, with a tight control of consumption. Apply a primer coat of KOSTER KBE Liquid Film on clean, solid substrates. Pipe penetrations are sealed using flanges cut to size from KOSTER KSK Membranes. In areas especially in danger of water creeping behind the waterproofing such as wall-floor junctions, a substrate preparation with KOSTER NB 1 Grey mixed with KOSTER NB 1 Flex is applied. To avoid stresses in the elastic waterproofing, fillets of KOSTER Repair Mortar are installed in interior corners.

The actual area waterproofing is done with KOSTER KSK SY 15. The membranes are overlapped 4 inches. Corners and connections are made according to the directions on the packaging and according to the Technical Guidelines, and these areas are covered with KOSTER KBE Liquid Film. On vertical areas, the top edge is mechanically fastened and these fasteners are also coated with KOSTER KBE Liquid Film.

Before backfilling, the waterproofing is protected from mechanical damage and settling with KOSTER SD Protection and Drainage Sheet.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines.



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