Concrete repair

1 Concrete repair
KOSTER Betomor Multi A
2 Concrete repair (overhead works)
KOSTER Betomor Multi A
3 Surface levelling and smoothing
5 Repair of structural cracks

In case of small concrete repairs and maintenance, a fast and easy solution is to apply KOSTER Betomor Multi A. KOSTER Betomor Multi A is a material for corrosion protection and concrete replacement. KOSTER Betomor Multi A replaces the bonding agent, repair mortar, and spackle. The material is applied onto the prepared, stable substrate which must also be free of rust and bond-inhibiting materials.

Repair and maintain concrete surfaces with KOSTER C-Coat. KOSTER C-Coat is a high quality spackle for leveling and smoothing concrete surfaces.

For reprofiling and concrete replacement in larger areas, KOSTER Repair Mortar NC is applied. It is suitable for trowel application and spraying. The mortar is applied onto the prepared, stable substrate which must be free of bond inhibiting materials. Reinforcement steel must be cleaned.

Non-water bearing cracks are sealed with KOSTER KB-Pur IN 3. This injection resin has excellent bonding characteristics to concrete crack flanks and is used for structural bonding of building elements.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines.



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