External basement waterproofing with cementitious waterproofing systems

1 Primer
KOSTER Polysil TG 500
2 Waterproofing pipe penetrations
KOSTER KB-Flex 200
3 Preparing wall/floor junctions
4 Installing fillets
KOSTER Repair Mortar Plus
5 Waterproofing layer
6 Reinforcement
KOSTER Glass Fiber Mesh

Cementitious sealing slurries are especially robust waterproofing systems with extremely good adhesion to mineral surfaces. They are not affected by moist surfaces, and become an integral part of the building structure on which they were applied. Cementitious sealing slurries are paste-like and are applied seamlessly to the building element being waterproofed. They are easy and safe to apply and can be installed as rigid or crack-bridging systems.

On clean, solid, stable, gypsum free mineral substrates, KOSTER Polysil TG 500 is applied as a primer. This immobilizes salts present in the substrate and solidifies the substrate.

Pipe penetrations are waterproofed using KOSTER KB-Flex 200 and sealed with KOSTER KB-Fix 5. Alternatively, these areas can be attached to the waterproofing using proper sleeves or flanges.

The actual area waterproofing is achieved using KOSTER NB Elastic Grey or KOSTER NB Elastic White in two layers. The installation of KOSTER Flex Fabric is recommended between the KOSTER NB Elastic layers to achieve an especially visco-plastic waterproofing layer. In areas especially in danger of water creeping behind the waterproofing such as wall-floor junctions, a substrate preparation with KOSTER NB 1 Grey mixed with KOSTER NB 1 Flex is applied. To avoid stresses in the elastic waterproofing, fillets of KOSTER Repair Mortar are installed in interior corners.

Before backfilling, the waterproofing is protected from mechanical damages and settling with KOSTER SD Protection and Drainage Sheet.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines.



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