KOSTER develops a new injection gel: KOSTER Injection Gel G4

Why a new Gel?

For many applications, it is becoming increasingly more important for injection gels to be suitable for drinking water to ensure that harmful substances do not pollute drinking and groundwater. This applies to KOSTER PUR Gel. In Germany, regulation requires that a product which is in contact with drinking water consist only of substances listed on their “positive list.”  This positive list only includes substances which are harmless for drinking water. As a result, the list is limited and excludes many other harmless substances.  This limits the possibilities for product development.

In order to meet drinking water requirements, KOSTER expands its injection product range to include more gels. Accordingly, KOSTER has recently developed KOSTER Injection Gel G4. The ending “G4”stands for “fourth generation.” As a fourth generation acrylic gel, KOSTER Injection Gel G4 has reconciled previous drawbacks. KOSTER Injection Gel G4 consists entirely of materials that satisfy German regulation for drinking water applications. A drinking water certification by the Hygiene Institute of the Ruhrgebiet is available in English. It has an extremely low viscosity of 4 mPa*s. From a subjective point of view, the material is as thin as liquid water. This enables the material to penetrate deep into the capillaries during area injection and achieve excellent distribution in the surrounding ground during curtain injection. Moreover, the reaction time can be set individually. This is especially advantageous when planning a systematic and concise application. Additionally, the gel’s unique form during hardening allows for standardized multi-stage injection (which is commonly required in tenders).



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