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Project Spotlight: Music City Resource Center

KOSTER American Corporation is pleased to have partnered with Piedmont Waterproofing Contractors to restore The Music Resource Center in Charottesville, VA.

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KOSTER Receives Starnet 2017 Silver Design Award

KOSTER receives Starnet 2017 Silver Design Award for use of KOSTER VAP I 2000 in the Village Square Branch Library located in San Jose, CA.

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KOSTER NB 1 Grey: Approved for use in drinking water environments

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  KOSTER NB 1 Grey has been approved for use in drinking water environments according to NSF /ANSI 61. The certification applies to contact with cold water in tanks 2000 gal or larger.

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KOSTER VAP I® 2000 is a one-coat moisture vapor reduction system consisting of a unique combination of epoxy resins and other chemical compounds. KOSTER VAP I® 2000 is formulated to prevent floor failures on concrete slabs containing elevated levels of moisture vapor emission. KOSTER VAP I® 2000 has no upper limits for water vapor emissions; it resists high moisture levels (100% RH) and a sustained pH of 14. KOSTER VAP I® 2000, due to its 12 hour cure and 100% solids content, is extremely dense with a perm rating of 0.09 grains/sq ft/hour•in Hg-1. The low perm rating makes the KOSTER VAP I® 2000 perfect as a primer for virtually all types of flooring, especially low permeance flooring, such as sheet goods and rubber tile.

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