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Turkey, Side, Sensimar Resort & Spa

The Sensimar Resort & Spa Hotel in Side, Turkey 
Fields of application
Waterproofing of balconies and terraces with mineral based waterproofing systems
Joint sealing on mineral and metal surfaces
Wet room waterproofing with liquid synthetics
External basement waterproofing with bitumen based waterproofing systems
Waterproofing of the foundations with KÖSTER Deuxan 2C, postive side waterproofing of the swimming pools with KÖSTER NB Elastic grey, wet room waterproofing with the KÖSTER BD System and waterproofing of balconies and terraces with KÖSTER KBE Liquid Film 
Product applied
KOSTER BD 50 Primer
KOSTER BD Flex Tape K 120
KOSTER Joint Sealant FS-H
KOSTER Joint Sealant FS-V
KOSTER KBE Liquid Film
KOSTER NB Elastic Grey
KOSTER Repair Mortar
KOSTER SB Bonding Emulsion
General Contractor / Applicator
OSK İzolasyon - Antalya 
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