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USA, Dale City, VA, Prince William County Homless Shelter Bathrooms

Problem to be Solved: Three small bathrooms had to be completed in a limited amount of time and match the existing flooring system in the building.

Unique Characteristics:Renovation included the demolition of a similar system that was already in place and failing.

Solution: KOSTER Trowelable Quartz System

Application:The surface to be coated was shot-blasted to an ICRI CSP 3 profile. A mix of KOSTER MPE, KOSTER Color Quartz Q25, and KOSTER Color Quartz Q40 was blended together. The quartz mixture was troweled onto the prepared surface and sealed with KOSTER MPE. A top coat of KOSTER UTC was then applied for additional durability.

Contractor/Applicator: The Concrete Artisans

Product applied
KOSTER Color Quartz
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