Solvent free, 2 component low viscous epoxy injection resin for crack injection. KOSTER KB-Pox IN does not contain any fillers or softeners and thereby sedimentation is avoided. Due to its high rate of penetration into porous substrates and it’s excellent adhesion to concrete, stone, masonry and metal, KOSTER KB-Pox IN permanently seals and bridges cracks and joints and restores structural integrity.

Fields of application: In cases where crack flanks or unequal structural members have to be structurally bonded together. Without pre-injection for filling and closing dry and damp cracks, joints and voids.

Coverage: Approx 7.4 gal/cubic ft of void space

Unit Size

1 kg combipackage; A comp. 0.5 kg, B comp. 0.5 kg (IN 231 001)

6 kg combipackage (IN 231 006)



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